I have such a FACINATING life that i just had to write it down for the world to see. HEY MY SARCASM DETECTORS ARE GOING OFF THE CHARTS! OH NO! IT JUST EXPLODED! nahh! i will write about completely boring stuff that happens like how my test went or how i am mad at a friend and krap like that! after reading this exciting desciption (my sarcam detector just blew up agian!) u will finaly realize the complexities (i DO know what that word meand!) of my tiny little life!:)

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SaRcAsMoWoMaN aNd U.p.S.d!!!! TO THE RESCUE!
Wednesday, June 19, 2002  
HEY! it is summer VACAE!! WHOOWHOO:)
11:28 AM

Thursday, June 06, 2002  
Exams are alomost over and i am gonna pass I KNOW IT!! oviously im gonna pass my subjects but sometimes exams can be...not so good if ya know what i mean. of course some people think im stupid but i think that their equaly as stupid! actually i dont really know that people think im stupid but they might! im sooo tierd! i cant waid till 10:30 tommorow!! IM OUT OF SCHOOL SwEeTTTTTTTTT!
11:21 AM

Wednesday, June 05, 2002  
O My God!!! everyone has stupid plans this weekend, of course they are all better than mine and no one can come to my ski place:( WAHHHHHHH! so this is sarcasmowoman here talking about how totaly and fabulously i bombed my science exam. I might actually not done that bad, but i didn't feel quite right when i said that chlorophil absorbs light energy! yes well i can't say i didn't try! no, honestly, i went over ever single little thing that we had to know, and some of the stuff wasn't even on the actual exam! o well, only two more to go, French and Math. Those aren't too bad, but there is soooo much you have to go over for french and i really should be doin that now! yes i should! BUT IM NOT IAM ON BREAK!!! I hate it when i feel stupid. it makes me feel soooo sad:( right now i feel stupid cuz of my science and because im not studying for FRENCH!! Anyways, im still on about that whole ting about where alex cried because of something shelley said. how can u say something so low about someone. i wouldn't usually say anything but that is just MEAN! Mean people are not nice! That was a pretty obvious statement but im just using it to take up space. If i actualy wanted too i would say something but i dont want to get in a major fight with her (shell) but i think i am right now becaus she got mad at me for wearing down her CHALK! COMMON! it is a piece of chalk sooooooo WHAT?! honestly THAT IS WHAT CHALK DOES!!! Hey i know ur name now ULTIMATE PROCRASTINATING SARCASM DETECTOR! i didn't have to look at paper when i wrote that alexxio! i am so smart! smrt! that actually doesn't make sense when u write it but who cares? Hey, i found someone to take my TIGER BARBS! coco is gonna take them cuz they keep eating all my fish. o well, at least it will feel at home with her PIRANAH! I have to change the title of my blog, cuz even though happiness is the key, i'm not gonna be writting all happy things in here soo ya.
2:29 PM

Tuesday, June 04, 2002  
HI and welcome to my blog. this is katie the very friendly and lazy person who will be posting this totaly awsome site. i just wrote a really long entry then accidentaly erased it so im too lazy to write a big entry on who i like and who i hate and who i love!!! ladada! bye:)
5:53 PM

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